Language Links is an expert language provider, specializing in English courses in Toronto and online. We offer high-quality courses and training to meet your needs and exceed your expectations. 


Working with international students since 2002

Starting with just a few private students, Language Links began providing a quality program that cared about the progress of each and every student. Regardless of a student’s age or their profession, each student received the necessary attention and coaching to succeed in communicating in the foreign language, English.

Many years later, Language Links continues to offer language learning to students in a vibrant communal setting that embodies the multicultural warmth of Toronto, Canada.


Language Links and its reputation has grown thanks to our numerous success stories. Our students range from children to professionals who want to communicate in English with confidence.


The strength of our institution lies in its  ability to accommodate the needs of various students coming from all over the world.



At Language Links we pride ourselves on the connections we foster with students both in and out of the classroom.

Our students are the priority, and our curriculum design proves it.

The small class size not only gives every student the ability to maximize their speaking time in the classroom, but also allows them individual one-on-one time with the teacher. Lessons and activities are structured towards empowering our students with the knowledge necessary to communicate confidently in English in everyday contexts and situations.


Our goal is to help our students develop the necessary proficiency they need to be able to communicate with any English speaker they may encounter. We believe that language is the link that unites people and promotes global citizenship. We strive to offer a program that addresses real-world applications of a foreign language rather than generic lessons from a textbook.