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Communicative ESL Program

Our Communicative ESL Program is the perfect choice for students wishing to improve their overall English language skills at a pace that suits them. Our classes enable you to use English in a variety of ‘real life’ situations utilizing a broad range of functional English language instruction.

Our in-class option concentrates on practical language skills students can confidently use outside of the class, in other words, the real world. Our ESL program focuses on fluency and accuracy, integrating grammatical structures and functions with communication practice,  guided conversations, pronunciation, speaking, listening, writing, reading, communication practice and vocabulary.


We offer two (2) in-class timetables to suit your schedule - a full-time and part-time program option. 


Our full-time program offers three (3) program timetables to fit a student’s needs, goals and budget. Choose between our Core, Intensive or Super Intensive programs and learn at your own pace. All classes and levels cover the following skills: Reading Comprehension, Written competency, Listening Comprehension, Oral Competency and Everyday English in Use (grammar & vocabulary).

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Our part-time program offers two (2) different timetables to fit into the schedule of our busy students. The first timetable runs in the morning, and the second timetable is available in the evenings. Either timetable is 15 hours per week. This allows students to acquire the English language skills they need while giving them time to work or vacation in Toronto.

** Customized study is also available

Assessment Test for Placement

Upon arrival, students write our placement test and take an oral interview.

Students are placed into one of the following Language Link levels.

Fundamental: Level 1, 2, 3 & 4

This is your first-time learning English or you have little previous knowledge. You will understand the main point of common and predictable conversations on familiar topics. You will be able to use simple grammatical structures and limited vocabulary.

Intermediate: Level 5, 6, 7 & 8

You can communicate with some spontaneity and participate in a variety of conversations comfortably. You demonstrate a sufficient range of language and vocabulary to function independently.

Advanced: Level 9, 10, 11 & 12

You can participate in conversations fluently, accurately and appropriately. You have a strong command of the English language and can manage in a wide range of contexts and situations, from predictable to unfamiliar.