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REAL Speaking

Are you struggling to speak in English?

Practice using all grammar and vocabulary you’ve already learned in our Communicative Language Program. In our Real Speaking program, learn the differences in accents and rhythm, and master the difficulties with pronunciation that are often barriers to understanding and being able to explain your ideas and opinions in English.


This course has been specifically designed to perfect your spoken English by concentrating on overcoming the difficulties of communicating clearly and confidently.

Practice your grammar, Expand your vocabulary, Perfect your pronunciation, and Develop native-like fluency.

This program is designed to master your spoken English by concentrating on overcoming the difficulties when understanding and explaining your ideas and opinions in daily communication.

We offer private lessons and small group lessons
Students will have the opportunity to speak about several topics and learn to use conversational vocabulary and grammar in everyday situations and contexts.  Our topics range from the inspirational and serious to the ridiculous and humorous. No matter what the theme, everyone enjoys themselves. Some conversation topics discussed are:


✓ Canadian Culture & History  ✓ Idioms & Canadian Expressions  ✓ Family matters & Social Issues

✓ News & Current Events  ✓ Popular Culture, Entertainment & Media  ✓ Cultural Comparisons

✓ Practice Presentations  ✓ Telephone Skills  ✓ Ordering at Restaurants & Cafes  ✓ Games  ✓ Etc


With each topic, students learn related idioms and expressions and focus on pronunciation, word stress, and sentence stress.


In our REAL Speaking program, you will have the opportunity to:

  • Practice conversational English with a Canadian instructor

  • Improve your English communication skills (speaking & listening)

  • Expand your vocabulary, perfect your pronunciation, and develop native-like fluency

  • Gain confidence & increase your comfort level when using English

  • Decrease your anxiety of speaking English with a first-language speaker or in a group

  • Increase your knowledge of Canadian culture, customs, idiomatic expressions, etc.

  • Meet people from different countries

  • Enhance your intercultural understanding


Our Real Speaking program provides a great opportunity for ESL students who are keen on polishing their English-speaking skills.

REAL Speaking Private

REAL Speaking Private has the advantage of being a personalized program just for you. The instructor will support you to further develop your language skills during each lesson.  You will also be able to suggest the topics that you want to discuss and work on the skills you need to practice. Choose the schedule that best suits you and connect with your instructor.


REAL Speaking Group


This program is offered to all students of different levels.

REAL Speaking program sessions last 1.5 hours, two or three times per week for 8 weeks.  See schedule below. Participants are placed in groups of 4 – 6 students with 1 instructor.

Our small class sizes ensure maximum opportunities to practice your skills in a friendly and supportive learning environment. Instructors prepare conversation topics, activities, or games based on the interests of the group; however, students are encouraged to actively participate to hold a lively online experience.

REAL Speaking is offered On-Campus and Online



Real Speaking Workshop:  Speak Up

 - Improve your Communication Skills - 

​Practice speaking in our 1-hour Real Speaking workshops held on Tuesdays and Thursdays at 3:00pm and 6:00pm ET, and Saturdays at 10:30am ET.  Students will have the opportunity to speak about several topics and learn to use conversational vocabulary and grammar in everyday situations and contexts in a fun-filled group.

• Gain Confidence              • Critical Thinking               • Public Speaking

Possible Topics:

Fact or Opinion

Keeping Fit

Holidays & Celebrations


Social Media







Cost: $5 at the door  /  Maximum 5 students per group

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