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Learn English in the comfort of your home 

on a schedule that works for you

As our horizons expand and today’s student is no longer tied to the classroom,

Language Links has developed a quality English language program that brings the live classroom experience to you in real-time, in the comfort of your home, wherever you are.

LIVE Lessons with Canadian teachers

Classes are live, with clear audio, digital whiteboard and chat features.

Post-class assignments allow you to keep progressing and gaining language skills at your leisure.

Small class size

Interactive lessons

Qualified instructors

Customized curricula *

Constructive feedback

Access to recorded lessons

Flexible schedule in your time zone 

Choose to learn in a small group, individually or with a friend

* Customized Curricula


We specialize in customizing curricula to students’ needs, while at the same time establishing a firm foundation to attain maximum proficiency. Language Links has a strong student-centered and communicative approach to teaching that tailors language instruction to the different language learning styles of our students and emphasizes authentic language use.


If you prefer the dynamics of a group, join a small group class for a class of fun learning. Reach your goals in a fun, challenging and life-changing class.


Couples Class

Learning English with a friend, a parent, a sibling or your spouse has never been so much fun. Enjoy interactive lessons and support each other as you both work towards achieving your language goals.

Short- or long-term instruction available. *

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Enjoy taking classes at your pace in the comfort of your home or office. Your instructor is available to help you continue your journey and reach your English language goals.

Short- or long- term instruction available. 60-minute lessons.*

* Program Requirements

✓ Basic computer skills ✓ Strong internet connection 

✓ Working computer microphone ✓ Working computer webcam


Online learning has made achieving my language goals much easier. I can log on and learn directly from my instructor from my couch at home. My instructor was kind and taught me a lot.  This program works for me and my busy schedule.  It’s convenient and easy.


-  Layla Polat

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