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Online Program  Young Learners

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Our Young Learners programs are conducted with the textbooks from the Cambridge University Press.

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Communicative ESL Program

Our Communicative ESL Program is the perfect choice for students wishing to improve their overall English language skills at a pace that suits them. Our classes enable you to use English in a variety of ‘real life’ situations utilizing a broad range of functional English language instruction.

Our in-class option concentrates on practical language skills students can confidently use outside of the class, in other words, the real world. Our ESL program focuses on fluency and accuracy, integrating grammatical structures and functions with communication practice,  guided conversations, pronunciation, speaking, listening, writing, reading, communication practice and vocabulary.

Program Levels


- Level -

Level: Fundamental

This level is for students who

are new to or just starting to learn English. Students will learn how to understand the point of general

and predictable conversation

through familiar topics.

You will be able to use simple grammatical structures and vocabulary.


- Level -

Level: Intermediate


This level is for students who can communicate in English and can participate in various conversations comfortably. You can demonstrate a sufficient range of words and vocabulary.


- Level -

Level: Advanced

It is a level for students who can use English to engage in conversations fluently, accurately and appropriately. Students have strong control over English and can speak English in various contexts and situations, from predictable to unfamiliar.

Learning is fun!

Real Speaking


Practice using all grammar and vocabulary you’ve already learned in our Communicative ESL Program. In our Real Speaking program, learn the differences in accents and rhythm, and master the difficulties with pronunciation that are often barriers to understanding and being able to explain your ideas and opinions in English.


This course has been specifically designed to perfect your spoken English by concentrating on overcoming the difficulties of communicating clearly and confidently. Students will have the opportunity to speak about several topics and learn to use conversational vocabulary and grammar in everyday situations and contexts.

English for Academics
Specialized Programs


English for Academics is a preparation course designed for students who wish to further their education at a Canadian post-secondary college or university.  The course provides students with the skills necessary to cope with the pressures of college or university life such as lecture note-taking and comprehension, referencing, paraphrasing, giving presentations, research, academic essay writing, debating and discussion. 

We teach our students with systematic teaching methods that is currently used in Canadian institutions. This method may be different from the educational system in other countries.

International Test


The lessons are designed to give maximum teacher-to-student interaction and to provide opportunities for the student to refine their English skills for each section of the test.

  • IELTS (The International English Language Testing System)

The Canadian Department of Immigration and Citizenship accepts IELTS scores for migration purposes, student visa applications and many other visa programmes. Also, Most Canadian universities and colleges accept IELTS for admission purposes.


The Canadian English Language Proficiency Index Program is a new test designed by the Government of Canada. The test is used to determine your eligibility for permanent residency or citizenship in Canada. Language Links’ CELPIP Test Preparation gets prospective Canadians ready for either the complete CELPIP General test or the CELPIP-LS (listening and speaking).


The TOEIC program certifies skills in business English from beginner to advanced. It can help to build confidence in understanding the content of complex text, expressing opinions accurately, or communicating clearly with native speakers.


The TOEFL program is designed to help students develop the language skills such as speaking, reading, writing, and reading that are required for the TOEFL exam. This program will also instruct our students in test strategies and critical thinking skills so that they can gain confidence in test preparation.

Young Learner Programs are offered Online


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