Specialized Program


Our Specialized Programs provide students the opportunity to tailor their needs for a specific purpose. Be it in the office, on the beach or on the job, Language Links offers you the English language skills to communicate confidently. Students learn basic concepts of grammar and everyday English use as they focus on the most practical skills for business, vacation and their industry.


Note: Specialized programs are 12 weeks in their entirety, however, students may enrol in 4-week sessions.

English for Academics

Requirement: Level 6

English for Academics is elaborately developed for students who are interested in extending their education at post-secondary institutions in Canada.  The course provides students with the skills necessary to cope with the pressures of college or university life: 

✓ Lecture note-taking & comprehension ✓ Referencing ✓ Paraphrasing

✓ Presentation ✓ Research ✓ Academic essay writing ✓ Debating & Discussion

Students will be exposed to teaching methodologies currently in use in Canada which may be different from those students are familiar with from their own home country’s education system.

English for Business

Requirement: Level 5


From proper telephone etiquette to giving an engaging presentation to writing formal emails and business letters, this course focuses on the skills essential to thrive in the business setting.  Language Links will teach you how to produce polished correspondence and enhance your face to face communication skills, preparing you to succeed in this environment.  Master the English skills you need to thrive in your workplace, or prepare for your next job.


English for Vacation

Requirement: None

Going on vacation? Need to learn how to speak to get around? Speaking English will help you wherever you go. Learn to communicate confidently at airports, hotels, and tourist attractions around the world. You will learn how to book a flight or hotel, confirm a reservation, take a taxi, ask for directions and order a meal. Learn the language skills you need to travel worry-free.


Requirement: Level 5

Banking English

Learn practical English to communicate accurately and effectively in the banking sector.

Medical English

English speaking nurses, doctors, pharmacists and paramedics have their own terminology. Learn to communicate like one of these medical professionals.

Legal English

May the record reflect that this course will provide students with the essential 

English to understand the proceedings surrounding a court case.

Hospitality English

Learn to provide excellent customer service in English to all your customers.

Office English

Acquire the practical English necessary for a corporate environment,

from office administration to appropriate small talk.

English for Workplace

Tailor your business English specifically for your industry. English language skills are essential for professional development. With this in mind, we’ve created courses designed for your company and industry needs. 

Choose from one of our industry-specific courses and learn the phrases and vocabulary necessary to communicate

with confidence in one of the following industries: