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About Us

Our Story


Language Links是一家專業的語言學校,專門提供多倫多當地和在線英語課程。我們提供高品質的課程和培訓,以滿足您的需求並超越您的期望。





從緊僅幾位私教學生開始,Language Links就開始提供一個關注每個學生進步的高品質課程。無論學生的年齡或職業,每位學生都會獲得必要的關注和輔導,以成功地使用英語進行外語交流。


多年後,Language Links繼續在充滿活力的世界市場中為學生提供語言學習,體現了加拿大多倫多的多元文化溫暖。


由於我們的眾多成功案例,Language Links及其聲譽得到了提高。我們的學生從學齡到專業人士,他們都希望以自信的英語交流。




Our Mission


We believe that Language Links us all. We have combined our love of language, people, and teaching to help others reach their goals, seek more opportunities, and pursue an enhanced quality of life.


Language Links,我們為與教室內外的學生建立的聯繫而感到自豪。





我們的目標是幫助學生發展必要的能力,使其能夠在任何情況下輕鬆地使用英語交流。 我們認為語言是與世界接軌不可或缺的一環。 我們努力提供實用課程,以解決外語的實際應用,而不是教科書中的通用課程。


Personalize your program

With 20 years of experience teaching languages around the world, we understand that everyone learns differently.  Our program is tailored to your learning style, learning level, and personal motivation.  Our 360° assessment test will evaluate your current language skills in 45 - 60 minutes.  This will include testing your reading, writing, listening, and speaking skills, plus pronunciation, grammar application, and vocabulary usage.  

Depending on your study format, the placement test can take place online or on-campus. 

Communicative Language Teaching


Our methods are supported by the latest research in language learning. Students will be actively involved and will get many opportunities to practice English. We adapt our teaching methods to different learning styles to help you achieve your goals. Our methodology ensures that lessons are highly practical, enjoyable and fully involve the students who engage in meaningful tasks that reflect the demands of real-world situations.

Student-Centered Approach


It is essential that students enjoy learning and take responsibility to direct their own language learning journey. To support this, on-going feedback and reflection are central to our programs. Lessons are participatory and student-centred which means that the teachers facilitate learning and support participants as they discover the structure and use of English.


Cultural Immersion

Researchers have shown that the far-reaching benefits of learning a language through cultural immersion include superior academic education, cognitive skill development, career opportunities, social interactions and cultural understanding. Our students will interact with Canadian culture and communicate with other English language speakers.  Through continuous exposure to the language and by regularly interacting with the community, our students will put their lives into perspective and become more compassionate individuals - in other words, global citizens.


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