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Treinamento de Inglês Corporativo

O Language Links oferece aulas corporativas de inglês que ajudam nossos alunos a remover as barreiras do idioma e desenvolver a capacidade de contribuir e prosperar no século 21 conectado.


Language Links is the go-to solution for
professionals, management, diplomats and government officials.

Expand to New Markets

Establish international relationships

Confidently express ideas & opinions

Explore international partnerships

Nossos instrutores certificados são parceiros de aprendizagem confiáveis ​​para muitas corporações globais. Nós nos adaptamos à indústria, tamanho e requisitos específicos de sua empresa. Se você precisa de treinamento interno ou inglês online, podemos ajudar a dar aos trabalhadores globais o treinamento corporativo do mundo real necessário para realizar seus trabalhos.


Nossos cursos ajudam os trabalhadores globais a dominar o seguinte:

✓ Provide Feedback

✓ Resolve Disputes

✓ Presentation Skills

✓ Lead Meetings and Projects

✓ Giving Directions & Instruction

✓ Expressing Opinions

✓ Summarizing Key Ideas

✓ Sales and Supports

Problem-Solving & Negotiation

✓ Cultural Awareness 

✓ Redação de negócios ✓ Conversa casual ✓ Comunicação clara ✓ Etiqueta de conversa

✓ Dar feedback ✓ Resolver disputas ✓ Habilidades de apresentação ✓ Liderar reuniões e projetos

✓ Resolução de problemas ✓ Resumindo ideias-chave ✓ Vendas e suporte

We understand that business cannot delay, and being able to communicate in English is imperative to conduct business smoothly. In fact, you may feel regret for not enrolling and perfecting your English skills sooner.    

Language Links offers personalized programs,

ensuring you get what you need to succeed

Our Corporate Training Program is flexible. For best results, we recommend a minimum of two lessons per week. The program length may be anywhere from a few weeks to year-round.

Classes can be delivered directly in-company, online, or in a blended format. Gathering employees of several branches with similar needs into one central location can be arranged.


Turnaround Time
In as little as two to three weeks, we can start working on mastering your English communication skills. Your customized Corporate Training program officially begins once our agreement is signed and payment is received. Upon registration, an assessment is held, an instructor is selected, and the lesson schedule and location are confirmed by the organization and Language Links.


Our Corporate English Training program is customized to your needs and budget.  To learn about suggested packages and their accompanying fees, contact us at

Our solutions serve a broad spectrum of industries including (but not limited to): financial services; hospitality; energy and utilities; manufacturing; healthcare; engineering and construction; and consumer products and retail. Our corporate English training regions include the Philippines, Japan, Mexico, Taiwan, Brazil, China, Italy, Spain, Colombia, Turkey, Argentina, South Korea, France, Vietnam, and Canada.

English has become the language of global business.

Our purpose is to give you a voice to speak to the world.

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