Terms & Conditions

Online Lesson

The intent of this contract is to outline the standards and behaviors that are expected of students who participate in our online courses at Language Links. The contract pertains to both Individual and Group online language lessons. This contract also provides details as to how parents can support the online learning experience. 
By initialing, students and parents agree to make a commitment to the following guidelines: 

Student Expectations: 

Be polite and courteous while participating in an online class. 

Arrive to my online lesson on time. I understand that if I arrive 15 minutes late to my lesson, I forfeit the class and it will count toward my total number of remaining lessons. 

Communicate with my online instructor in a respectful manner on the platforms provided by Language Links. 

Complete homework on time and submit it to my online instructor on the platform provided by Language Links. 

Ensure that you have access to the online course material on your own at all time. 

Acknowledge that Language Links has full and complete access to the work submitted or the comments posted within the online course. 

Acknowledge that the online lessons are recorded

Seek help from the online instructor or school staff as needed. 
Parent Expectations 
Mom and Dad, because you have formally offered your support of this online experience, help us and your student by doing the following: 
Ensure that your student has the necessary equipment and internet connection to participate in the online course. 

Provide your student with a safe and appropriate place to work while at home (may require you to move the laptop/ computer). 

Ensure that your student has sufficient time in his/her schedule to work in their online program. 

Confirm with the school staff that the chosen program is consistent with your student’s language goals. 

Become familiar with the means by which you can receive feedback and monthly progress reports. 

Encourage your student to ask for help when frustrated or stuck. 

Ensure that all work is done by your student without the assistance of others or the internet. 

Be aware of all homework deadlines.  

Communicate academic concerns with the school directly as needed at a mutually agreed time.  
General Items 

Lessons will not be held on official Canadian statutory holidays unless other arrangements with Language Links have been made. 

Lesson fees are paid in advance before lessons can be booked with an instructor. Registration fee is non-refundable. 

Lesson purchase under a promotional event must be booked and delivered within 6 months of original purchase date. Lessons purchased as part of a promotion are non-refundable. 

Students may cancel their lesson any time up to 24 (twenty-four) hours EST time before the start of the lesson, Monday to Friday, at no charge. If the student cancels the lesson less than 24 hours before the start of that lesson, 100% of the lesson fee will be charged.