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Private Lesson Online 

Fun and effective method to learn your target language as quickly as possible.

Language Links offers private lessons online with a live instructor to deliver virtual-led teaching directly to you at home, at work, or while you're on the road!

Online learning is one of the most convenient ways to learn a new language.  Our online private language programs offer engaging student-centered, instructor-led lessons to build student language fluency in a convenient, efficient, and comprehensive manner.

As a student, you will practice with a qualified and experienced native-speaking teacher and receive immediate personalized feedback. With professional guidance and real-time instruction, there is no faster way to gain fluency in your target language.

LIVE Lessons with Native language teachers

Classes are live, with clear audio, digital whiteboard, and chat features.

Post-class assignments allow you to keep progressing and gaining language skills at your leisure.

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One - to - One

Register for private one - to - one lessons and have the attention of an instructor who will support your language learning process.

Learning in a private lesson has positive effects on learning speed and speaking time. The instructor will  meet your needs, your expectations and your learning style while giving you constant feedback.

Interactive lessons

Qualified instructors

All of our language instructors are qualified native speakers of the target language, with a university degree and specific training in the teaching of the foreign language.

The program is delivered at the student's pace where students are responsible for their learning. Students are assessed to ensure progress.

Customized curricula *

Constructive feedback

When studying a new language in a private lesson,  no time is wasted. Lesson are based on your objectives and exercises are adapted to your specific difficulties. There is a combination of self-study,  feedback, correction, and real conversations. Private lessons online are perfect for those who want personalized attention as they master the  target language.

Private lesson are scheduled at the student's convenience. Purchase one of our lesson packages and have a lesson once, twice or up to six times a week with one of our instructors*.  The weekly schedule is fixed to avoid confusion. Various lesson length options are available**.

Flexible schedule in

your time zone *

Programs for Young Learners and Adults Learners
Group Lessons & Private lessons
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How does my online program work?


Select a program & lesson package

20, 35, 50, 75 or 100 lessons


Confirm your lesson schedule


Complete your registration


Start learning with your instructor

We offer private language lessons online for beginners through to advanced levels, including Communicate language programs, REAL Speaking, International Test Preparation (such as IELTS, TOEIC, TOEFL, and CELPIP), and English for Workplace.  We also offer group classes online available.   


Whether you are looking to study for work or for pleasure Language Links can offer you the right option.

Our online classroom allows for engaging and interactive lessons to take place and class material can be downloaded through your Homework Centre student account.

Group Classes or Private language lessons?

There is no rule regarding which are better, group lessons or private language lessons. For some students, a private lesson is better, and for other students, a group setting may work better. It also depends on what is being taught, what the students are expected to do, and if the student actually wants to learn.  We hope the points below will help you a sound decision.

Group Classes


Advantage of Group Classes

  • Group interaction helps to improve a student’s spoken language.

  • Classmates in the group are able to support each other.


Disadvantages of Group Classes

  • More commitment is needed because it is very easy to slack off in a group setting.

  • The lessons may be too slow for those that excel and too fast for those that struggle.

  • The student has to work their schedule around getting to class at the right time.

  • Just one disruptive element may slow the progress of all in the class.

Private Lessons


Advantage of Private Lessons

  • People usually learn faster with private lessons.

  • Adaptive teaching is far easier when a student is one-on-one with an instructor.

  • Private lessons allow a student and teacher to concentrate on the student’s goals. 


Disadvantages of Private Lessons

  • Private lessons can be a bigger investment.

  • Staying focused for the duration of a lesson can feel difficult.

  • Instructors and students with conflicting personalities may struggle. It's important to find the right teacher.

Summary of comparison

Group language lessons have worked for years in schools where many of the students are forced on one topic. It consists of having one instructor teaching a group of 10 to 30 students, which means the teacher's attention is shared amongst all the students.  As the saying goes, "you only learn as fast as the slowest student in the classroom", so if you're a motivated learner with the desire to learn fast, group language lessons may be a frustrating experience.

On the other hand, students can benefit by interacting and learning from each other in a group setting. It helps build confidence with the language as they see other people both excel and struggle. When classmates struggle with the language, it can make others feel better because they see how being “wrong” is nothing to be embarrassed about. Learning and acquiring a language is a process, not a race.

There are many benefits to private language lessons, and the main one is that you're getting the full attention of a teacher, who can understand the student's needs, proficiency, and goals. Whether you're a motivated student or not, having a private language teacher will help you learn significantly faster. 

Which Should You Choose?

There's no right or wrong answer. It comes down to what's important for you and self-awareness on how you best learn.  If you're a self-motivated learner who thrives in group settings and being around others, then group lessons could be an option to consider. If you have a busy schedule and want the full accountability of having a private instructor, then private language lessons are best. 

* subject to instructor availablilty

** Young learners are encouraged to enroll in 30-minute lessons; however, exceptions can be made. Adult learners have an option to enroll in 1-hour, 1.5 hour or 2-hour sessions.

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