Our Philosophy


Teaching a language is a balance of skill, empathy and careful planning.

It requires patience and experienced professionals to do it effectively. This is who we are at Language Links.


We are here to help you 



Our teachers love to teach English and for them, it’s a humbling satisfaction when a student succeeds.  Besides being very nice people, all of our teachers are qualified and have many years of experience teaching students from all around the world. They are often well-travelled citizens of the world who come from all walks of life with experience in areas including business, law, hospitality, and many others.


We encourage our teaching staff to be creative and inspiring while at the same time ensuring that they follow our methodology which is designed to ensure your progress in your English language learning.


All of our classes are taught by qualified Canadian teachers. You won't find a more committed, passionate and professional group of teachers than ours.



Communicative Language Teaching


Our teaching methods are informed by the latest research in language learning. Our classes are enjoyable, interactive and relevant to your needs. As a student, you will be actively involved in the process of learning English and will get many opportunities to practice speaking. We adapt teaching methods to cater to different learning styles to maximize learning and help you achieve your goals.  Our methodology ensures that lessons are highly practical, and fully involve the students who engage in meaningful tasks that reflect the demands of real-world situations.


Student-Centered Approach


It is essential that students enjoy learning and take responsibility to direct their own language learning journey. To support this, on-going feedback and reflection are central to our programs. Lessons are participatory and student-centred which means that the teachers facilitate learning and support participants as they discover the structure and use of English.


Cultural Immersion

Researchers have shown that the far-reaching benefits of learning a language through cultural immersion include superior academic education, cognitive skill development, career opportunities, social interactions and cultural understanding. Our students will interact with Canadian culture and communicate with other English language speakers.  Through continuous exposure to the language and by regularly interacting with the community, our students will put their lives into perspective and become more compassionate individuals - in other words, global citizens.