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- Language Links Presents - 

5 de Mayo

Viva Mexico!  Viva Latinos!

Celebrate with us

May 5 - 15, 2022

Enjoy any one of these programs for

ONLY $ 5 per lesson

Take advantage of these shockingly incredible price

Coupon Code: Mayo5!

Learn as a group*

Communicative Language Program 

Our program concentrates on practical language skills students can confidently use outside of the class - in other words, the real world. Our program focuses on the development of language skills in speaking, listening, writing and reading to ensure a balance of fluency and accuracy, integrating grammatical structures and functions, with communication practice, guided conversations, pronunciation, speaking, listening, writing, reading, communication practice and vocabulary.

Communicative ESL_pikwizard-2dd15bc2efa6c55cd79f729c2b1a4340.jpg

• English   • French   • Korean   • Spanish

REAL Speaking

In our REAL Speaking Program, practice your grammar, expand your vocabulary, perfect your pronunciation, and develop native-like fluency.

This program is designed to master your spoken English by concentrating on overcoming the difficulties when understanding and explaining your ideas and opinions in daily communication.

REAL Speaking_valiant-made-UrzN-8K1PCE-u

• English   • French   • Korean   • Spanish


35 lessons

1-hour each


—Pngtree—hand drawn cute mexico cactus_5358818.png

Business Communication

From proper telephone etiquette to giving an engaging presentation to writing formal emails and business letters, this course focuses on the skills essential to thriving in the business setting.  Language Links will teach you how to produce polished correspondence and enhance your face-to-face communication skills, preparing you to succeed in this environment.  Master the English skills you need to thrive in your workplace or prepare for your next job.

Business Meeting_edited.jpg
"When language is used without true purpose, it loses its purpose as a means of communication and becomes an end in itself."
- Karl Jaspers

English for Vacation

Going on vacation? Need to learn how to speak to get around? Speaking English will help you wherever you wish to go. Learn to communicate confidently at airports, hotels, and tourist attractions all around the world. You will learn how to book a flight or hotel room, confirm a reservation, take a taxi, ask for directions,  order a meal, and find the restroom. Learn the language skills you need to travel worry-free.

Excited Traveler

35 lessons

1-hour each



Arriba Mexico!

Celebremos juntos!!!

Coupon Code:

* minium six (6) students per group

**all prices are in Canadian dollars

Terms & Conditions

General: Students are permitted to purchase only one (1) 5 de Mayo promotional package. All services (lessons) must be used by the same person. Transferring lessons is not permitted under any circumstance. Must start lessons three (3) months after the purchase date, otherwise, the student forfeits the lesson package. Promotions have no cash value. All lesson packages purchased at a promotional rate are non-refundable. Pre-Registration is mandatory to receive the link to the final registration and payment form. All payments are done online on the Language Links website. Regular prices are subject to change without notice. Registration and payment must be submitted before lesson schedules are confirmed and scheduled. Language Links reserves the right to reschedule the lesson timetables. Promotions can not be combined with any other promotional offer or Birthday Club voucher. For complete information, please see the Language Links Online Lessons policies. 

5 de Mayo: Group Lessons available at promotional price only.  Language Links reserves the right to open a group or to defer the start date.  Minimum six (6) students required to open a group.  Students are not allowed to transfer between programs.  All 35 lessons must be completed  in one program as indicated on the student's registration form.   Attendance is required. After three (3) absences the student forfeits their lessons and a refund is not permissable. For complete Terms & Conditions, please see the website.

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