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Why it's Essential to Learn English

1. The language of the world is English

One in four people on this planet speaks English competently! There are 1.75 billion people worldwide who speak English at a level that is useful. If you want to communicate with someone from another country, you will almost certainly need to speak English. Knowing English is not just about sharing with native English speakers; it is also about being able to interact with people from other countries.

2. Job prospects can be improved by studying English

There are many sectors in which English is used, including science, aviation, computers, diplomacy, and tourism. Having a good command of English increases your chances of finding a good job in your own country or abroad.

3. It is possible to study anywhere in the world if you speak English

Many schools and universities around the world offer English-language programs since English is spoken in so many different countries. A good level of academic English opens up a lot of opportunities for you to find a school and course that suit your needs. Additionally, many of the world's prestigious universities are found in English-speaking countries such as Canada, the United States, Australia, and the United Kingdom. English proficiency is imperative in order to be considered for a position at these prestigious universities.

4. The language of the media industry is English

English speakers no longer need to rely on subtitles and translations to enjoy their favorite films, shows, and books!

5. A language used by the Internet

Most content on the internet is also written in English, making it the most important language online. In addition, many of the world's biggest tech companies are based in English-speaking countries.

6. Knowing English makes travelling a lot easier

English is an important and useful language to know when you travel. Even when traveling to countries where English is not the language most commonly spoken, it is often recognized as the ‘international language’ and the language that is mutual to travelers and locals.

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