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Planning to study abroad? Here’s what Canada has to offer!

From quality education, affordable tuition fee, diverse exposure, immigration options, job opportunities to welcoming people there’s a lot Canada has to offer to international students. Canada has now moved into third place globally behind the United States of America and Australia. Canada is now the world’s third-leading destination of international students, with a staggering 642,000 foreign students.

Let’s deep dive into a few benefits that international students have in Canada.

1. Quality Education

Canada is recognized worldwide for its quality of education with highly trained educators that bring diverse perspectives to the classroom. The beautiful and tranquil environment at universities in Canada is another benefit for students as this gives them plenty of opportunities for not only pursuing academic studies but also extra-curricular activities.

2. Healthy and safe environment

Canada attracts students from all nooks and corners of the world and because it affords special emphasis on multiculturalism, incoming students find it at home while pursuing their courses at Canadian universities.

3. Affordable Education

Canada has over 30 universities which are among the top academic institutions worldwide according to the World University Rankings published by THE (Times Higher Education). Tuition fees in Canada are comparatively lower than in countries like the USA, UK, and Australia. Canada offers a wide range of courses from one-year diplomas that cost around $ 20000 CAD to degree programs that cost around $ 50,000 CAD.

4. Increasing Job opportunities

With ease in COVID restriction and rapidly growing economic conditions, Canada has become a job-seekers market. The number of job vacancies in Canada reached an all-time high of 912,600 in the third quarter of 2021, more than 349,700 (+ 62.1%) higher than in the corresponding period in 2019. Sectors like health care, construction, education, accommodation, food, retail trade, and manufacturing are a few strong drivers of the economy.

5. Immigration Opportunities

With a 3-year work permit after a 2-year program and a 1-year work permit after a one-year program, Canada holds a strong place when it comes to immigration opportunities. Furthermore, the chances of obtaining a permanent residency in Canada are easier compared to countries like USA, UK and offer almost the same amount of opportunities and exposure.

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